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INTERVIEW: Soprano & Conductor Amy Owens’ Infinitely Curious and Joyful Journey

Opera Wire: As a coloratura soprano, she gravitates more to recitals and concert operas rather than staged productions. She released an electronic pop album this summer, right before attending the Linda and Mitch Hart Dallas Institute for Women Conductors. Just for the fun of it, Owens took on rare (and more difficult) version of a famous Strauss aria. And most recently, she recorded an album of Bernstein’s music set for release this coming April. She also plays a mean accordion.

VIDEO: Classical Performer Amy Owens Blurs Genre Lines With HAETHOR

Broadway World: Amy Owens has always been a believer in the power of collaboration and blurring the lines between musical genres. Owens brings rebellious fun to a traditionally strict musical world with the release of of the musical project HAETHOR, set for release March 15th. The album is a collaborative venture with producer and composer Howard Wulkan of Farmadelica Sound. The album includes a blend of different genres, from pop to jazz, all guided by Amy Owens' crystal clear vocals.


INTERVIEW: Classical Performer Amy Owens

Vents Magazine: Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Discreet”?

“Discreet” is the result of a musical collaboration between composer/producer Howard “Merlin” Wulkan and myself. This track highlights the unexpected combination of Howard’s aesthetic, coming from an industrial and electronic background, and mine, which is based in stage music (mostly opera and musical theater).

INTERVIEW: Be More Than One Thing

360 of Opera: Amy Owens on going from Opera to Pop, to the Podium & More.

“Amy Owens is a wonderfully unique coloratura soprano who never stops creating. I love her positive energy and cheerful personality. She is bright, she is fierce and her love for music is contagious. To me, Amy stands out in the vast world of social media and I decided we should all get to know more about her and the brilliant things she is doing.”



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